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Turkey says it will respond in time to 'outrageous' U.S. genocide statement


Turkey's presidential spokesman stated on Sunday that the statement by the U.S. President Joe Biden claiming the massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as a genocide is "simply outrageous" and that Turkey will react to the same in the coming months.

The comments over the 1915 killings seemed to have delighted Armenia, but has further strained ties between Washington and Ankara, both members of the NATO military alliance. Ibrahim Kalin who is the spokesman and adviser for President Tayyip Erdogan, stated that there will be in the coming months different forms and degrees of reaction by Turkey.

Though it has not been stated whether Turkey would restrict the U.S. access to the Incirlik air base in southern Turkey, as it has been used for international coalition fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Another Turkish official stated condemning the statement that the country would continue to respond to the unfortunate and unfair statement at an appropriate time and place.

It has been accepted by Turkey that Armenians were killed in clashes with Ottoman forces during World War One, but have denied that the killings were systematically orchestrated, or a genocide.

Since years U.S. Congress and most U.S. presidents have kept away from stating it as genocide, so as to not strain ties with Turkey, but currently the relations are already troubled, as sanctions have been put on Turkey, and Turkey is angry over the U.S. arming Kurdish YPG fighters in Syria, and not extraditing a U.S.-based cleric, whom Turkey accuses of orchestrating a 2016 coup attempt.

Further Kalin has stated that now everything that will happen with the U.S. will happen under the effects of this unfortunate statement.

Experts say that Turkey may respond by limiting access to Incirlik, and also may reduce military coordination with the United States in northern Syria and Iraq.

As per other people, due to the rising COVID-19 cases and the Turkish currency seeing an all time low, it is a difficult period for Turkey, and they would not want to unsettle things with anyone, let alone the United States.

"To reduce all that to one word and try to imply that Turks were involved, our Ottoman ancestors were involved in genocidal acts, is simply outrageous," Kalin said.

"It's not supported by historical fact".

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