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Akio Toyoda, President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation – 2021 World Car PERSON of the Year


Mr Akio Toyoda, President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation, has been voted by 93 distinguished international journalists on the World Car Awards jury panel, as the 2021 World Car Person of the Year.

Mr Toyoda has had a successful last year where in 2020 Toyota remained profitable, despite COVID-19, thus not hampering jobs across the world.He has had his major hand in Toyota’s steady development for the Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric era, and also has initiated the construction of the Woven City, an exciting real-life prototype city of the future.

He said that he is truly grateful to his entire team across the world, and the suppliers and distributors, as it is not his own contribution, but of the entire team as a whole, and for that he hoped the award to change from car “person” of the year, to car “people” of the year. He further stated that during the troubled times of the pandemic, the company is fortunate that they were able to protect the employment of their employees, as during these strained times only, one has understood the importance of human life, and they are fortunate at Toyota to provide happiness in the lives of people associated with the company.

In reaching here Mr Toyoda had to defeat 4 more people who were in contention for this prestigious award that was created in 2018. 

In addition to the winner, the top five finalists were, in alphabetical order:

PRATAP BOSE, Vice-President, Global Design, Tata Motors

EUISUN CHUNG, Chairman, Hyundai Motor Group

LUC DONCKERWOLKE, Chief Creative Officer, Hyundai Motor Group

TOMIKO TAKEUCHI, Program Manager, MX-30, Mazda Motor Corporation

This is one of the six awards that are handed out by the World Car Awards annually. The awards were inaugurated in 2003, and officially launched in January 2004, to reflect the reality of the global marketplace, as well as to recognize, reward and inspire excellence, leadership and innovation in a rapidly changing automotive industry.

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